Emma Sjoberg-Wiklund naked photos


Private sex photos of nude Emma Sjoberg-Wiklund – Swedish and French model and actress from «Taxi» movies.

This tall, Scandinavian beauty was born in 1986. Her modeling career started from the age of 22, when she appeared on cover of «Elite» magazine. She worked with such designers and fashion houses like Thierry Mugler, Christian Lacroix or Lanvin. She was also participated in movies. Her first work – «Inferno» in 1992. During her career as a film actress, Emma managed to star in only 15 films. But her most famous role – beautiful and sexy Petra from «Taxi» movie series.

Naked photos of Petra from Taxi

As we said earlier, the main profession of this celebrity is a fashion model. And thanks to this, she has quite a lot of interesting photo sessions. But we will focus your attention on erotic photosets. And so, naked Emma Sjoberg could be seen in various glossy magazines. This leggy model did not hesitate to take off her clothes in front of photographers. But most importantly, she took off her underwear as well. So, we will show you her just naked, but with naked breasts and ass.

Last but not least – Emma changed her second name in 2002. Today she is Emma Wiklund. So if you search nude photos of Emma Wiklund – you are at the right place.

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